Do you like Dangdut?

If you like dangdut, this news might cheer you up.

Dangdut music lovers in the U.S. will soon enjoy a special treat as legendary singer Rhoma Irama is scheduled to perform in Pittsburg, where he will also speak at an international conference on Islamic culture.

If you do not know about dangdut, i give you several information from several collectible sources.

Dangdut is a genre of Indonesian popular music that is partly derived from Arabic, Indian, and Malay folk music. It developed in the 1970s among working class Muslim youth, but especially since the late 1990s has reached a broader following in Indonesia. It was initially labeled lower class music, but this image has gradually changed over the years with more listeners coming from outside the country, notably Japan and the U.S.

A dangdut band usually consists of a lead singer backed by four to eight musicians. The term has been expanded from the desert-style music, to embrace other musical styles. Modern dangdut incorporates influences from Latin, house music, hip-hop, R&B, reggae and even Western classical music.

A recent Dangdut music singing competition in the U.S. was won by an African American, Arreal Tilghman of Delaware. Tilghman is currently in Indonesia, teaming up with local musicians in crafting what would become the first dangdut music album with an American singer.


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